The Golden Needle Wellness
I am available at The Golden Wellness for wellness services located at 11965 Venice Blvd Ste 209, Los Angeles, CA 90066.

Massage lotion
In over 10 years of practice, this is by far the best lotion I have used. It provides organic vegan ingredients, essential oils, and antioxidants for the skin. I recommend taking a hot shower before a massage to be able to fully rejuvenate the skin with this excellent cream blend.

Flower Essences
Vibrational remedies that go deep into the underlying causes of signs and symptoms physically and emotionally. Has no taste and very easy to use. Ask me about what I would recommend you to take. Remedies cost $22 each and I can muscle test you to make sure you take the ones you would need.

Healing instruments
Hand-held instruments used for balance in stressful times and for daily maintenance. I like to use this during the massage for extra energy balancing of the body and mind. And, these are essential during your acupuncture treatments as well.

Meditation classes
I have meditated with Mark Griffin since 2003. It has been a life changing experience for me to add meditation into my life. I highly recommend sitting with him at least once to hopefully implement meditation into your life.

General health
Dr. Mercola offers the latest up-to-date newsletters on wellbeing and studies on health from around the world. Subscribe for free and discover ways to promote a healthier lifestyle, and find out which consumer items or food that you should consider removing or decreasing in your family's life.

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